Jen focused seriously on ballet and modern dance throughout her childhood and adult life. She has a BA in Performance Art from the University of MD. She dabbled in visual art throughout her life, but has very little formal training. In May 2015 she took an on-line art class that awoke her creative nature, and propelled her into the world of two dimensional art. No stranger to discipline, she has dedicated herself to a demanding studio practice, and the creation of a business with the ultimate goal of becoming a full time artist. In addition, Jen has an elementary teaching license, and has taught youth and adults in numerous settings for the last twenty years.  Jen currently lives in Louisville, CO.

Artist Statement

My work is influenced by the natural world around me, my inner world, and the conflict caused by the perceived separation between the two. My work expresses deeply personal experiences, and often has a back story seeped in feminist social political theory. 

 My subconscious guides the content and emotion of my work, expressing  themes of isolation, loss, and grief balanced with innocence, hope, and strength.  

Because of this connection between my internal and external existence painting provides a powerful outlet for healing and growth. The content is driven by my desire to experience a more connected social existence that honors the relationship between human beings and nature. If my work can make people feel less alone, and more united in our existence, I believe it is successful. 

Process & Materials

My work is created through the application of multiple layers, and often involves wiping away and smearing paint. I use a combination of painting and drawing that satisfies a visceral urge to use both soft and hard implements. Painting allows me to create atmosphere while covering a large amount of surface in a loose style, while drawing satisfies an assertive and pointed physical expression. I primarily use acrylic, oil, oil pastels, graphite,and lokta papers on canvas.